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    In this section you will be able to browse UNINETTUNO Course Catalogue, including vocational training and retraining courses and academic courses delivered by lecturers and experts coming from the best universities and most renowned national and international institutions.

    Browse the course catalogue, consult the description of the collections and the list of videolessons of each course; you will be able to buy course packages, single courses or specific lessons through our e-commerce system, on the Web as well as on mobile platforms such as last-generation tablets and smartphones.

    Purchasing videolessons and courses for non-commercial personal use

    As explained in the Sale Terms, the user that makes a purchase is authorized to use the training materials purchased through UninettunoStore only for personal and not for commercial use. Each videolessons costs 4.49€; in each course, the first videolesson is offered in pre-view for free.
    The cost of a full course is given by the amount of the cost of all videolessons, excepting the first one, that is freely available. Therefore, a course including 25 videolessons will cost 107.76€ (24 times 4,49€).

    Agreements and cooperation with Agencies and Companies

    Companies, Businesses, Schools or Training Agencies interested in concluding agreements and conventions for a non personal use of the training materials and courses available in UninettunoStore or to start up cooperation relationships for designing and delivering more complex training activities can get in touch with:

    UNINETTUNO Store Commercial Direction

    Dr. Gianluca Cortese
    Tel:+39 0669207646
    e-mail: g.cortese@uninettunouniversity.net

    Enrollment to Courses aimed at acquiring University Training Credits

    The offered videolessons and  courses do not acknowledge ECTS Credits (University Training Credits).
    In order to get the ECTS Credits of the selected course be acknowledged, one has to enroll in the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO according to the single-module enrolment mode. So doing, the student will have access to UNINETTUNO learning environments and benefit from the videolessons as well as of the training materials (slides, books, articles, bibliographies, lists of websites, exercises etc.) linked in an hypertextual way to the videolessons and will take part in the training activities envisaged during the course delivery period. The enrolled student will be supported by a Professor and Tutor of UNINETTUNO in charge of the selected courses, who will guide him along his learning process, assess the student during the course and who will decide upon his admission to the final exam. Once he passes the exam, the student will be recognized the University Training Credits assigned to the courses he is enrolled for and he will be able to valorize them in his professional activity or make them be recognized for enrolling for a Degree Course of UNINETTUNO or of another University.

    Useful Links:

    UNINETTUNO Educational Offer:
    Matriculation Procedure: http://www.uninettunouniversity.net/en/immatricolazione.aspx
    Enrolment for single modules: http://www.uninettunouniversity.net/en/iscrizione-singoli-insegnamenti.aspx