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    Course for Java Programmers

    Content language:Italian
    Course description
    This course aims at training Java developers and making them able to realise stand-alone applications and web-based applications as well and to operate in corporate information systems and interact with the other professional profiles involved.

    The course attaches particular attention to making students acquire practical skills, connected to know-how, without forgetting the theoretical frame of reference. Theory allows for structuring one’s own knowledge and lay the foundations of one’s own in-depth study.
    For this end, a structured educational approach is proposed which is based upon a set of technologies that allow for:
    • Making the training path clear in order to help the student in evaluating his own progress;
    • Making the location of specific contents easier and highlight their mutual relationships, in order to make the knowledge conceptualising process easier;
    • Interaction among the different actors involved in the course (students, tutors, teachers,…), in order to establish a virtual community that allows to overcome a feeling of being isolated and favours the exchange and transfer of knowledge;
    • Collecting, focusing and capitalising, through answering to FAQs, fragments of knowledge not sufficiently structured and evident in training modules.
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