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    UNINETTUNO is engaged in supporting the national and International socio-economic situation by developing bilateral agreements and joint projects with specific professional Trade Unions at national and international level as well as with businesses, industries, organizations engaged in social activities aimed at education and high-level vocational training. These initiatives are aimed at enhancing the educational level by supporting professional skills existing in companies operating in global markets and, if needed, at specializing, training and retraining and continuous skill-updating of employees.

    The objective of this form of collaboration is to supply the employees with university-level training and retraining opportunities relying on the advantages offered by UNINETTUNO model:

    • Excellence-level lecturers coming from the best universities of Italy and of the world;
    • Use of state-of-the-art technologies and educational features in distance and blended education;

    For each vocational training course we realised learning environments hosting all the educational materials produced that allow to trigger a process of interaction between the protagonists of the learning process: tutors and students.