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  • Safe purchases

    UNINETTUNO is engaged in assuring the highest security to the transactions and treatment of personal data of the users. In order to be able to carry on our task as best as we can, we kindly ask you to follow the following instructions:

    Password protection

    • Do not share personal data with others
    • Detect any fake e-mail (spoofing or phishing attempts) and let us know about any phishing attempts
    • Protect your password
    • Do not communicate your password to anybody. Those who know your password, may access to your account
    • Avoid using the same password for different accounts
    • If you use a public Pc (for example, in a library or Internet café), make sure to always log out when you stop using UNINETTUNO Store
    • Change your password regularly

    Do not share personal data with others

    UNINETTUNO does not make telephone calls nor sends e-mails asking to disclose or check the password of your Amazon.it account, the number of your credit card, the number of your current account or other personal data. Do not consider any unwanted e-mail or telephone call in which you are asked to give these data and get in touch with UNINETTUNO to let us know what happened.